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The cake that went to the freezer and came back.

I've found this recipe most useful for large parties (and consequent disposal of leftovers) as the cake presents itself well after defrosting: neither crumbly nor soggy.


5 eggs
230 g powder sugar
1 pkg vanillin
50 g cocoa powder (non sweetened)
125 ml oil
125 ml water
250 g flour (00)
1 pkg baking powder

Ingredients for a cream that stands freezing & thawing

1 can syruped peaches (or about 400 g fresh, ripe pineapple)
250 g ricotta (quark will probably do)
500 ml joghurt
100 g powder sugar
2 pkg vanillin
250 ml cream (to be whipped)
ca. 2 teaspoons agar-agar

Separate yolks from whites, beat yolks with powder sugar & vanillin. Carefully add cocoa powder, oil, water.
Whip egg whites into a very firm snow.
Mix flour & baking powder and add to the yolk mix. Veeeeery carefully work in the egg whites.
Pre-heat the oven at 180-190 °C, line a baking pan (approx 40x40 cm) with baking paper (or just butter it - it doesn't cling too much once baked) and spread an even layer of dough.
Bake 30 minutes.

For the cream:
Drain peaches but save syrup. Dice the fruit.
Mix joghurt with ricotta, powder sugar, vanillin and some of the syrup (or fruit juice).
Prepare the agar in the remaining syrup. Let it cool a little.
Whisk the cream very, very stiff and gently stir it and the agar preparation into the joghurt mixture.
Spread cream on (cool!) cake, put in fridge for a couple of hours before consumption (to ensure a more stable cream).
At this point, you can also freeze the whole cream-covered cake: the cream will neither clot nor run into the cake.

NOTE: The picture shown is NOT covered with the cream here indicated but with a whipped-cream substitute.

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