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*points to subject line*

I just might have found the bread recipe of my life.

Here it is (pic to be added later):


40 fresh yeast;
1/2 l lukewarm water;
600 g flour (recipe says Type 550);
300 g rye flour;
3 tablespoons oil;
2 teaspoons salt;
To paint: 2 yolks (easily substituted with a bit of milk); caraway (or other spicy seeds)

Dissolve yeast in 1/8 l water.
Mix & sift the rye flour and 400 g white flour in a big bowl. Add the yeast mixture, the remaining water and the oil. Stir the mix until smooth, then beat the dough until it makes bubbles.
Cover with a kitchen cloth and let it rise for about 1 hour in a warm, drift-free place.
Oil & flour -or cover with baking paper- a baking pan.
Add to the dough the remaining 200 g flour as well as the salt. Knead.
Make two loaves out of the dough, put them on the pan and let them rise for another 30 minutes, until they have nearly doubled their volume.
Pre-heat oven at 200°.
Slash the bread (about 3 cm between slashes) and paint with the yolks(mixed with ca. 2 tablespoons water) or the milk. Spread seeds on surface.
Put in oven, bake for ca. 45 minutes - could take a few minutes longer, especially if you want to put a cup of water in the oven to add humidity.
Wait at least one hour - or better, until it has reached room temperature- before slicing.
It keeps! It keeps! :D :D :D
Due to a misreading and the wish for a particular type of bread (and, uhm, not noticing how much time passed) I ended up not following this recipe to the word: I changed the (white) flour type, gave extra rising time (just the 15 minutes) after a punch-down, added a bit of caraway to the dough etc etc.
It. Still. Succeeded.

Verdict: Want a bread that 1)holds for days; 2)is tasty; 3)looks like a pro made it? Do this.

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