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Router broken - or in need of some tech-savvy resetting that I'm unable to do on my own. Temporarily off-line for good. Still alive.

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I've been largely absent from here in the last ...uh...month.. due to things like work, and brain-deadness (the Zombie Apocalypse happened, just to my brain), and the beauty of all things sunny and summer-y and outdoors-ly, so abundant in this time of the year.

A link to an article about the awesome of the Night Witches, Soviet aviatrixes during WWII. [personal profile] marina , here, makes a few observations about how the choice of this subject for this article - part of a serie about "Unsung Heroes" (women who get ignored by the masses, despite having been several levels of Awesome) - is quite misleading, given that those women aren't so much ignored by/unknown to the masses as unknown to us because we're ignoring most of every culture/history beside the Western one.
The only mention of the Night Witches that I remember reading was in an Alternate History SF serie by Turtledove, who is pretty much a history buff, and given that 1)WWII history was covered very sketchily in my contemporary history courses, both in high school & at Uni; 2)the detail of which units did what are, as far as I'm concerned, not a very interesting issue unless you're focusing on strategy (or sociology); 3)English language sources are scarce; I think the subject fits very well into the "unsung" theme.

There's a redstart nestling in one of our buildings! The parents are frenetically catching insects, while the little ones chirp madly for MORE FOOD, NOW! I know it means nothing - the redstart isn't an endangered species and one nest means very little - but it's still an insectivore, living and (one hopes) prospering in the middle of very tended-to fields. It gives me hope that the biological diversity in my place isn't hopelessly lost.
This corroborated by a shock of fireflies under the olive trees, renewed presence of grey heron and talks about birds of prey nestling - about the latter, I can confirm that the ones I see more often (the ones that could be either common buzzards or black kites) seem to be ravenous All The Time, so maybe there is a little fuzzy ravenous chick in the nest, heh?

(mostly unrelated: I don't know what your experiences or living places are like, but there's something enchanting to an olive orchard filled with fireflies, at dusk. Colours have been dismissed like day-clothes and all that's left is the blue and black shadows - and before your eyes adjust and say "oh, boring!" the neon lights blink and make of blandness a romance.)

There are about a zillion things I'm excited about, but I have a feeling that most of them would fall right in the middle of the Too Gross To Read Where People Can See My Grossed-Out Face land, so I leave with a picture of a recipe to come soon and promises of garden pictures. :)

stuffed bread.
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Am too tired to upload pics now - and the point of a fruit tart is to be pretty.


Apr. 19th, 2011 10:44 pm
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Most beautiful it is when at the end of the day there is the egret like a shadow in the quarter of sky still light, and dark follows.

I need to find sources to ID the birds of prey - I cannot stand to look up and wonder whether it is hawk or eagle or kite.

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*points to subject line*

I just might have found the bread recipe of my life.

Here it is (pic to be added later):

Swiss farmer's bread )
Due to a misreading and the wish for a particular type of bread (and, uhm, not noticing how much time passed) I ended up not following this recipe to the word: I changed the (white) flour type, gave extra rising time (just the 15 minutes) after a punch-down, added a bit of caraway to the dough etc etc.
It. Still. Succeeded.

Verdict: Want a bread that 1)holds for days; 2)is tasty; 3)looks like a pro made it? Do this.

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The cake that went to the freezer and came back.

I've found this recipe most useful for large parties (and consequent disposal of leftovers) as the cake presents itself well after defrosting: neither crumbly nor soggy.

Here there be recipe & semi-relevant photo )
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Due to, basically, life happening, my plans for semi-regular recipe entries have fallen through. Heartened by the ever-encouraging [personal profile] falena  I was to write down a few backlogged ones. BUT.
...I discovered with great consternation that one of the most basic, easy, not-quite-cheating sweetmeat recipes in my book was not universally known, therefore prompting me to post this recipe in stead of the planned one.

Recipe without picture, because they NEVER survive that long )

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No picture (yet).
Same old, same old.

Recipe here, you know the drill. )


Feb. 10th, 2011 12:07 am
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Ten grams of potassium metabisulfite and eighty of citric acid in the middle barrel, six grams potassium metabisulfite and fifty grams citric acid in the big barrel.
 Thumb-twiddling for ten days, waiting for the wine to (hopefully) settle.
Eventually, lab check.
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So, earlier today I was on a train passing through the Very Depressing Lowlands of Veneto when, in the middle of something that might have (once upon a time) been an irrigation/deflux channel and now looked like a strangely wood-ed bit of marsh, there was a flash of white. It was a Great White Heron.
The day became instantly brighter. :)
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(to say nothing of "too distant from recipe library")

Recipe to come up tomorrow )
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Therefore, I shall post a recipe. Like, a hour ago.

Nougat crescents )
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Hence, cookies.

Fiorentine )

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Today Italy is a worse place therefore I shall write of the only amusing event of my day.

During the BPIA (professional license for agricultural entrepreneur) lesson today, we came upon the requirements that have to be met in order to ask for EU contributes.

One of them was to extirpate thorn bushes and other infesting weeds from olive orchards and vineyards at least every three years.
All the attending LOLed.

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It's nearing the moment when I'll attempt to graft the wild citrus in the garden with buds & branches from the fruit-bearing ones in the limonaia.

Lemon flowers on cleaned branch

Anyone knowledgeable on lemon-related issues? Tips, suggestions, stories are very welcome (as I have to chose between two varieties and several methods).

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Black, too strong and bitter, overloaded with sugar. A dry biscuit near it, offering to the fever.
Black but not, light -with milk, thanks, so little of it the mixture looks like light honey- and a bright sun. So much love shining.
Black and green, peppermint over everything, except spiced bread and dark honey, and no sun. Comfort given.
Red as rose-hip in karkade, too tart for sugar - no attempt with it. Grim days loom.
Green as spring, mauve without the colour, supposedly healthy. Some drink for other reasons than pleasure.
Green, brown, yellow, grey, every one a different weight. They are not "just coloured hot water" to me.

This spamming brought to you by one remark too many.
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