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*points to subject line*

I just might have found the bread recipe of my life.

Here it is (pic to be added later):

Swiss farmer's bread )
Due to a misreading and the wish for a particular type of bread (and, uhm, not noticing how much time passed) I ended up not following this recipe to the word: I changed the (white) flour type, gave extra rising time (just the 15 minutes) after a punch-down, added a bit of caraway to the dough etc etc.
It. Still. Succeeded.

Verdict: Want a bread that 1)holds for days; 2)is tasty; 3)looks like a pro made it? Do this.

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The cake that went to the freezer and came back.

I've found this recipe most useful for large parties (and consequent disposal of leftovers) as the cake presents itself well after defrosting: neither crumbly nor soggy.

Here there be recipe & semi-relevant photo )
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Due to, basically, life happening, my plans for semi-regular recipe entries have fallen through. Heartened by the ever-encouraging [personal profile] falena  I was to write down a few backlogged ones. BUT.
...I discovered with great consternation that one of the most basic, easy, not-quite-cheating sweetmeat recipes in my book was not universally known, therefore prompting me to post this recipe in stead of the planned one.

Recipe without picture, because they NEVER survive that long )

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No picture (yet).
Same old, same old.

Recipe here, you know the drill. )

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(to say nothing of "too distant from recipe library")

Recipe to come up tomorrow )
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Therefore, I shall post a recipe. Like, a hour ago.

Nougat crescents )
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Hence, cookies.

Fiorentine )

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